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Finding a Voice
in an Age of Intolerance

Writers are people who presume to think they have something to say worth saying. These days (and perhaps 'twas ever thus!), it's hard to find traditional publication outlets for "op-ed" pieces on political and cultural issues. So I'm making my own space here in which I can ruminate on such issues from time to time. (Click on the commentary title links above and below if you're interested. You can find print publication credits for my op-ed work by clicking on the "My Resume" button below.)

I think it's especially important to have outlets for expressing minority views in a time when "going against the flow" (AKA "dissent") has increasingly come to be treated by the powers-that-be not as a time-honored democratic tradition consistent with American history and values but rather as some sort of treason. Having these pages on my web site is one way that I can go on record as saying, "No!" to the suppression of thought.

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